We believe that artists are responsible for the coloring the lines of our world.
To better illustrate what the Choice app is all about, this website has made use of incredible imagery from talented artists and photographers. We believe that these creators' stories are worth knowing and supporting, and so you'll find their bios and attribution links below.
Featured Artists
Maria Svarbova
Mária Švarbová was born in 1988 in Slovakia. She studied conservation - restoration and archeology, however since 2010 she has been dedicated to photography as her main tool of artistic expression. She lives and works in Bratislava, Slovakia.
Daniel Kordan
I have been fascinated by the possibilities of photography since my early childhood. I grew up at beautiful lake region under Moscow exploring wild nature, spending most of my free time in the nature. I graduated the art painting school when I was a kid.
Lina Viktor
Lina Iris Viktor is a British-Liberian visual artist based in New York. The New York Times described her paintings as "queenly self-portraits with a futuristic edge".
Binyan Studios
A community of diverse thinkers, storytellers, and leaders of immersive architecture and beyond.
Adrian Cox
My work forms the ongoing mythology of the Border Creatures, a group of hybrid beings that live in the verdant wilderness of the Borderlands.
Elise Dumontet
Elise is a London based beauty photographer and director. Originally from France she has been living in London for over 20 years.
Josiah William Gordon
Alexa Sirbu
Alexa Sirbu is a London based artist/director who combines procedural and handcrafted forms, graphic design and animation to create hyperreal and tactile work that is strongly driven by concept.
An important figure in Thailand’s flourishing art scene, Piyatat Hemmatat is one of the country’s leading photographers. His powerful work has earned him international acclaim and he says that he knew early on that art would play a significant role in his life.
Amy Casey
Amy Casey (American, born 1976 )
1976) is known for her paintings of dilapidated urban sprawl. Highly influenced by her surroundings in recession-wracked Cleveland, OH, Casey explores the concept of finding stability in a landless landscape.
Claude Monet
Oscar-Claude Monet was a French painter, a founder of French Impressionist painting and the most consistent and prolific practitioner of the movement's philosophy of expressing one's perceptions before nature, especially as applied to plein air landscape painting.
Kevin Peterson
Kevin Peterson studied art at Austin College in Sherman, TX where he received his BFA in 2001. Kevin now makes his home in Houston, TX where he works out of Winter Street Studios.
Emma Larsson
Emma Larsson is a Stockholm-based artist and illustrator. Her work strikes the balance between colorful dreamscape and inarticulable melancholy.
Laura Berger
Laura Berger is a contemporary artist living and working in Chicago. She is inspired by rituals, symbols, nature, dreams, travel, our quest for self-development and freedom, and how we piece things together to create personal meaning and a sense of belonging to the greater whole.
Os Gemeos
OSGEMEOS are identical twin street artists Otavio Pandolfo and Gustavo Pandolfo. They started painting graffiti in 1987 and their work appears on streets and in galleries across the world.
Mike Perry
Mike Perry is an Emmy winning artist that makes paintings, animation, sculptures, books, public art installations, monographs, exhibitions, drawings, silkscreens, and more.
Bryce Wymer
Bryce Wymer is an American born visual artist currently based in Brooklyn, New York. His personal works address human social progression and the driving relation between the powerful and the powerless.
Sam Rodriguez
Sam Rodriguez is an illustrator best known for Portraits that combine lettering and abstract shapes. His Studio is based out of San Jose, California.
Alvaro Naddeo
I am originally from São Paulo, Brazil and have also lived in Lima, New York City and currently in Los Angeles. These urban environments have shaped my memory and permeate most of my work. I am partly self-taught and partly homeschooled.
Jillian Evelyn
Jillian Evelyn’s paintings combine the contorted female figure with graphic shapes and a limited color palette. Her work explores the struggle of womanhood and the anxiety that arises from societal expectations.
Scott Albrecht
My work is inspired by an ongoing observation of the situations happening around me. Everything from the larger, shared impact of our current events to the more familiar and personal moments that we may experience on a regular basis.
Joseph Lee
Joseph Lee is a self-taught artist who studies faces and the emotions that inhabit them. Lee focuses on the parallel between external reality and internal process by manipulating everyday faces and objects through segmented brush strokes, color choice, and volume, converging them into a complete and balanced whole.
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith is a miniaturist and former stencil artist based in Norwood, South Australia. With a career spanning 18 years he has showcased his work in London, Paris, Berlin, New York, San Francisco, Palo Alto, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and all over Australia in over 100 exhibitions.
Born in 1988 in Lodz, Poland. A graduate of Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. Painter and Muralist who currently lives and works in Gdynia, Poland. Half of ETAM Cru, created together with Bezt.
Ana Godis
The work of Ukrainian illustrator Ana Godis is bathed in warmth — her characters are vibrant and open in spirit. Godis‘ color palette is based on the comforts of autumn — gold and deep reds, the colors of change. Each digital painting has the loose composition of a sketch, with the tightness of linework and color that digital work provides.
Mark Conlan
I am a multi disciplined Illustrator from Dublin, Ireland. I am currently working and living in Melbourne.

I develop conceptual based illustration for products, editorial, publishing, advertising campaigns and one off commissions for clients all around the world.
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