Choice is a community founded on the belief that we are what inspires us...
...and that in a world of ever-increasing distractions, it's getting harder and harder to find real, true inspiration.

This is because real inspiration isn’t found in "selfies" or "likes" or "follows"; it’s born from seeing things that speak to us personally and on a deeper level. Things that draw our empathy, evoke an emotion, arouse our curiosity, or inspire action.

In all its forms, there is no more powerful vehicle for inspiration than art: the raw expression of a creator’s experiences, heritage, and beliefs. While not everyone is capable of creating art, everyone is capable of being a "curator" – discovering art that speaks to them and passing it onto others, like a well-worn book whose pages are littered with scribbles and annotations, written by our many predecessors whose lives were changed by it.

And so Choice seeks to celebrate the curator in all of us. Rather than other communities that encourage a “look at me” attitude, Choice is all about saying “look at THIS”.

With Choice, you’ll see things that surprise you, that move you, that unsettle you, and that inspire you. And you can share the best of what you find with others who might be looking for something similar.

Our mission is to build a community of inspiration-seekers, to foster creativity and exploration, and above all, to help the world discover itself. Regardless of your experience or even your interest in “art”, if this resonates with you, we hope you'll give Choice a try.

From the Founders –

Daniel J. Choi
Jonathan Smith
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